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Mitch Cosentino
December 21, 2022 | Mitch Cosentino

Happy Holidays 2023

Happy Holidays from Mitch and all of us at purCru Napa Valley. We had so much fun at our recent Holiday Supper Series Dinner, and we can't wait to come together for our next event. 

Mar. 5, 2023 – Supper Series Dinner at Celadon (Only 19 tickets available)

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Mitch Cosentino
December 19, 2022 | Mitch Cosentino

Spotlight on Sangiovesse

4 wines from 1 grape...

Rosso di Sangio | Brut Rose | Nuovo | Rosato

From Mitch:
While pureCru Winery is a Napa Valley Winery, occasionally we will acquire grapes from an old Lodi family that has been growing prized fruit for many decades. I first discovered them in the early '90's. I found Mohr-Fry vineyards to be growing grapes to Napa Valley standards. Exceptional quality with excellent balance. I still use several grapes they grow for clients for whom I make wine.  And I still use one of their youngest vineyards albeit about 25 years old. The grape is Sangiovese. This vineyard is quite amazing because over the years I have made award-winning Red and Rose wines from these grapes. In the past two years I have developed two other new wines from the same grapes. last year we developed a totally new style of BRUT ROSE Sparkling wine made from the same Sangiovese using a new method of Single Stream Fermentation (TM) which became a revelation and sold out in less than 5 months while earning more Gold medals and a 98 point score. The new bottling is coming out now and already has scored another unheard of 98 points in it's first review a few days ago. Then for 2022, we made something that I haven't made in a couple of decades, a Nouveau (a fresh new wine from the vintage). But whereas the typical wine of this style is made from Beaujolais or Gamay, ours is from the same Sangiovese vineyard picked earlier than most Red wines to make a lighter, crisp, fresh fruit, dry style young red that can be consumed at cellar temps or even with a slight chill to it. Bottled in clear glass to show of it's brilliant strawberry red color.  

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