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Mitch Cosentino
September 9, 2021 | Mitch Cosentino

Harvest 2021 Update

Cheers to everyone!

Harvest is going strong, and every day is a new tale with the 2021 vintage. So far it all looks a lot better than 2020. We are experiencing small crops for many grapes, but the quality looks very high. Harvest started early but a cool spell has slowed things down a bit. In August, we picked Sauvignon Blanc and Sangiovese for Rose. The first reds we picked were Pinot Noir from Carneros on September 2nd, followed by more Pinot and some other fun reds.

I’ll let you in on a secret (or two): we are working on a unique new wine that we hope to have out before the holidays. Can’t say more yet, but it should rock! Stay tuned! Also, 2021 will mark the first harvest from my new Oak Knoll District Estate of Secret Clone Cabernet Sauvignon (pictured above). It is small in its first year (we’re looking at higher yields over the next few years) and where the wine goes won’t be determined for some time, but it promises to be exciting.

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