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Spring & Summer 2023
Wine Club Shipment


Important Dates

Customization Starts: NOW!
Customization Ends: May 22nd
Bill Date: May 24th
Ship-Date: June 5th
Pickup Party: June 11th

Club Concierge

Maria Newman
T: (707) 603-2943

Contact Maria, if you have any questions, or if you need club assistance.

Summer Wine Club Pickup Party

June 11th, 2023 | 2pm to 5pm

Join us for our FIRST party at our new tasting location, Feast it Forward! Bring your wine loving friends, enjoy live music, tasty bites, and wine tasting! You don't want to miss our most festive pickup party of the year!

Complimentary for Club Members
Non-Members: $15 per person

RSVP to Maria:
Email or call (707) 603-2943

Mitch’s Secret Cellar Selections

We are pleased to announce our Spring and Summer Club releases. These wines are bright and bubbly, full bodied and intensely and rich. Each with the balance and structure We have come to expect from Mitch’s wines.

Drink up now and add a few to your collection for later by making your club shipment an even dozen for the same shipping price of just $25! That is up to a $75 savings!

There are only a few cases left of each of these wines.


2009 Purety, White Meritage

Retail: $32 | Club Coz: $25.60 | Club Cru: $27.20

52% Sauvignon Blanc, 48% Semillon made from a vineyard I started using in 1993 and continue to use today. Modeled after the rarest wine in Bordeaux which is ironically white from these same grapes. Made and aged in special barrels made only for these grapes. A different style white, "Red wine drinkers White wine" This vintage is very rich, developed and complex. An enjoyable new experience many. Straw yellow when first opened that will get more golden after opened due to having a very low level of sulfur dioxide. Great with white sauce pasta or an array of seared, fried or grill seafood. 


2009 pureCoz Red Wine

Retail: $65 | Club Coz: $52 | Club Cru: $55.25

47% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc, 19% Merlot, 14% Sangiovese. 34 months in barrel. This started as rich, full complex with "warm" and integrated tannins. Well today 9 years after initial release those elements still standout and it has become even richer and more complex. tasted May 3rd with some club members who were very excited about this library release of 24 bottles.


2013 MC Signature Petit Verdot

Retail: $85 | Club Coz: $68 | Club Cru: $72.25

This is only the 2nd bottling I have done of Petit Verdot! From an Oak Knoll vineyard it is 100% Petite Verdot. Barrel aged for 39 months. Black fruit with mineral and spice notes. Still concentrated with bright focus yet still juicy, rich and dense as it was when first released about 6 years ago. Still very young but this has a "big meat" potential right now only a hand full of cases remain in the library from the original 61 made.


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